Why a website presence is so important for your Equestrian business
20th June 2017 - Posted by Emma

I was doing some research recently and have found that a lot of business out there don’t have a website presence, even those in the equestrian industry.

Having a website is so important, no matter how big or small your business is. The main reasons being visibility, customer service, competition, reach, and credibility.

Visibility: Who doesn’t have access to the internet these days? With today’s technology they can even get online using their mobile phones. With that in mind, more people are going online to search for products and services, and if they’re going to find your equestrian business, you need to have a responsive website.

Customer service: It’s helpful for your customers to be able to get in touch with you as and when they need to, with a website they can use as a method of contact will increase their satisfaction, and will likely make them a returning customer.

Competition: Having a professional looking website will make you stand out from your competitors, especially if you’re a small business competing with one on a larger scale. Even if the larger business is easier to find, if you have a website that looks more professional and up to date as theirs, the likelihood is you’ll get the customer.

Reach: Having an online presence will allow your business to attract customers from all over the UK, or even the world depending on what your equestrian business is / what it sells. You are no longer limited to just your local location.

Credibility: Having a website for your business makes your business credible, and it will make customers want to buy from you, potential investors invest in you, and even potential employees want to work with you.

If you have an equestrian business and don’t yet have a website presence or would like to refresh what you already have, feel free to contact us about your requirements. Take a look at our portfolio to see the websites we’ve designed for other equestrian businesses.

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I have been designing websites since the age of 14, and what started out as a hobby has now grown into full time career. Now a 30-something, I have gained more skills over the years and have become more of a developer than a designer, and it's still something I am very passionate about.
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