5 Top SEO Secrets for your Equestrian Website
20th September 2017 - Posted by Emma

1 – Prioritise usability
In today’s world, everyone is using mobile phones and tablets to browse the internet as well as laptops and PCs, so it’s important to make your website “mobile friendly”. Mobile friendly websites use responsive web design, which basically means the website responds to the screen size to know what information to display, which makes your site easy and enjoyable to browse.

More and more people are now using mobile devices to search the internet so it’s important that when they find your website it displays in an easy-to-use manner that keeps them engaged.

2 – Keep content fresh
People looking for Equestrian information or businesses want information they can find easily, which is why you should keep your content up to date and accurate. Blogs are particularly helpful in that area as you can add new information regularly without having to add to your homepage, you can add posts about related topics that may not necessarily suit your homepage. For example, if you’re an Equestrian shop, you could add posts about an Equestrian fashion show that you attended. It’s also good for users searching your site to see that your site is updated on a regular basis as they want to find information that is fresh.

3 – Make long-tail keywords a priority
Long-tail keywords are basically search terms that you want to be found for in search engines, these are more specific to your business. If you’re an Equestrian shop specialising in Equestrian fashion and are based in London, but want to be found in search engines for “Equestrian shop”, this term will not only be difficult to get in the top ten search results for as there will be so many business from around the world competing for that term, but it would be fruitless to compete for that term as people who find you may be be searching for a saddle or be from the other side of the world.

Instead, you will be better being found in the search engines for “Equestrian fashion shop”, or to be even more specific, “Equestrian fashion shop London”. This will generate a lot more qualified leads.

4 – Use the right keywords in the right places
When adding content to your website make sure you are utlizing the main content area and the title tags to maximize your chances of visibility in the search engines. Google will “see” this information and determine whether or not it’s relevant to what people are searching for, so it’s important to use the long-tail keywords in the main body and title tags. Also, keep in mind that the content should be readable to humans. If content contains the keywords *too* much, Google won’t give the page as much prominance as it will be deemed as “keyword stuffing”.

5 – Don’t ignore the small details
You can add a meta description to your website which provides the search engines a preview of the content. This is the first impression users will get from your website, so it’s important to write the best description as you can about your business, and to stand out from other competitors. A good meta description will attract more traffic to your website. It’s important not to overlook this, if the meta description is left blank, search engines will automatically pick up the first piece of content from your website which, without being viewed in its entirety, may not make much sense.

Equestrian ID offer some great, affordable equestrian SEO packages which focus on what’s written in this post plus analysis, reports and more. Take a look and see how we can help your business.

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