Straight from the horse's mouth

Equestrian ID Website Website Templates

Exciting new template website launch for those selling horses online!!

Here at Equestrian ID we continually work on new and fresh ideas to make sure we can offer the equestrian industry THE BEST website solutions at an affordable price. Our latest template website has been designed specifically for the professional equestrian business specialising in selling high quality horses and ponies online. The website includes features […]

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Equestrian ID Website

Choosing the best domain name for your equestrian business

Creating a professional equestrian website takes careful planning. It’s a challenging and time-consuming process but fear not… Equestrian ID can help you at every step of the way. Here’s a few considerations to think about when choosing the best domain name for your equestrian business. The best starting point is with the name of your […]

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Design for Print Website

Straight from the horses mouth

You only have a limited time to get your message across – whether online or in print. Well-designed material be it a website, leaflet, facebook promotion or exhibition stand needs to provide key information in an instant! If you have key information make it stand out by using bullet points followed by a call to […]

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Equestrian ID Social Media

Optimum times for sharing your equestrian blog post on social media

Social media is a fantastic way to promote yourself, your equestrian business, and your facilities, products, or services. However, if you’ve never sent a tweet before and you haven’t got a clue what Instagram is you might not feel confident using social media to its maximum potential. Hootsuite, a popular social media publishing company that […]

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Design for Print Logo Design

Why business cards are so important for your equestrian business

Having a professional business card for your equestrian business is so important and here’s why… • A business card could be the first impression a potential client has of your business. • There is nothing as effective as an in-person meeting sealed with a handshake along with a business card exchange. • Professional business cards […]

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BETA International

Congratulations to Hope Pastures!

Back in September 2016 we had a competition for an equestrian business / person to win one of our bespoke Gold websites. The winner of that competition was Hope Pastures, a small charity who help rescue, rehabilitate and re-home horses, ponies and donkeys. This year Hope Pastures are chosen as the Official Charity at

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