The Fitzwilliam Hunt

The Fitzwilliam Hunt

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The Fitzwilliam (Milton) Hunt came to us when they felt that the time was right for a new website and we have to say, we’ve enjoyed every minute of working with them.

Stepping into the 21st Century they wanted a fully responsive website that really showed off why they’re proud to be a part of the local community, farming, conservation, and the rural economy.

However, they also wanted a website that reflected their strong heritage (the hunt has been going for some 250 years in its current form) and we worked with them to include fantastic photography taken by their supporters and photographers to really display the inclusive ethos of the Fitzwilliam Hunt.

The Hunt has members of all ages and welcomes anyone to come and see what they do, with or without a horse. As well as hunting they put on a variety of other events throughout the year and hope you will join them.


Website Design and Development

The Fitzwilliam Hunt

A word from the client

Working with Equestrian ID was my first experience of website creation, so it was quite a daunting prospect.  I need not have worried, Sarah and Emma were fantastic at taking our information and images and translating them into a visually appealing and accessible website.  They have been very supportive, getting the product right for us, ironing out the inevitable little snags that pop up along the way, and giving us very good instructions and support for updating the content.  I am biased, of course, but reckon we now have one of the very best hunt websites!  

Karen Silcock  Joint Honorary Secretary Fitzwilliam (Milton) Hunt
The Fitzwilliam Hunt
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