As horse owners, we know that inevitability we may have to help and support our horses through illness and injury. We operate very much along a prevention theory at Brookfield but if problems do occur, we can offer a rehabilitation service to give your horse the best chance for a full recovery.

We have long standing relationships with some of the best vets, trainers, physios, farriers and saddlers in the UK. Our clients benefit from this experienced network of support, combined with our years of experience treating injuries and supervising rehabilitation programmes ourselves. This means that while recovering your horse will be in safe hands with the following rehabilitation benefits available to you:

Top class vets on-site weekly
Horse walker
Round pen
Individual turn out
Weekly visits to equine swimming pool
Remedial farrier
Regular physio visits
Vet acupuncturist regularly on site
Experienced riders to help bring your horse back into work safely
We have a small lorry which several of our grooms are trained to drive. This ensures we can transport your horse to hospital without delay in case of an emergency
Long term care for your horse as directed by the vet.